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Genentech Science Teacher Scholarships

Genentech gives grant to support Oceanside Science Teachers with Quantum Learning Training

Genentech and local non-profit work together to inspire excellence


Science Teacher Scholarship Application

[San Diego, CA/USA] Genentech announced they are granting three Oceanside Science teachers with Quantum Learning for Teachers scholarships for this summer.

This grant marks the fourth scholarship Genentech has given to Oceanside Science teachers for this summer's training at the QLN Conference Center in Oceanside.

Last Fall, Genentech and Learning Forum International surprised Lincoln Middle School Science Teacher Karyl Ketchum with a full scholarship to the Quantum Learning teacher training at a staff meeting (picture below).

"I can't wait to participate in this summer's Quantum learning training. I'm so excited to learn what I feel will enhance my teaching style and create an even more student-friendly learning environment for my students. Without the generosity from the great people at Genentech and their scholarship, this opportunity, for me, would not be possible," she said.

Genentech Teacher Scholarship 2011
Pictured above (L-R): Lincoln Middle School Principal Steve Bessant,
Science Teacher Karyl Ketchum, Genentech Rep Mary Schwalen.

The grant, announced today, was obtained through Oceanside educational non-profit Learning Forum International ("LFI"), who also is donating funds to support Oceanside science teachers.

"The students we can inspire today are the future for everyone and that starts with an inspired and passionate teacher. Teachers need tools and strategies to create engaging learning environments. Quantum Learning gives them those tools so they can be inspired and successful in their classrooms," said LFI President Bobbi DePorter.

"We are pleased to partner with Genentech with their commitment to furthering health science education and developing the next generation of scientists in the local communities that they work in."

Applications are open to all science teachers in the Oceanside Unified School District and are available online through May 16th. Winners will be announced June 1st, 2011. Quantum Learning Teacher Trainings are open to the public every summer in Oceanside. (For more info visit www.QLN.com.)

More than 70,000 teachers have been trained in Quantum Learning methods since its school programs launched in 1991, impacting approximately eight million students over the years.

Quantum Learning brings passion and fun back to teaching and learning through research-based educational methodology with programs that empower teachers, students, administrators, and parents to create a culture of student engagement, positive behavior, teaching excellence, and students with strong character taking responsibility for their learning.

Quantum Learning also trains teachers and students in the 8 Keys of Excellence, which create a common character foundation that connects everyone in the learning community.

About Learning Forum International

Learning Forum International is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational corporation founded in 1989 and headquartered in Oceanside, California. Our mission is Making Great Kids Greater through student and educator programs that contribute to the mastery of learning and life skills by today's youth, leading to their academic, personal and professional success. More information on Learning Forum International is available at www.LearningForum.org and www.8keys.org.